at 7pm
  If you are a South African band, you’ve probably been on this chart. If not, you have tried to sell your soul to get onto it.

Showcasing South African music as second to none every Wednesday night from 19:00 – 20:00 we rock your airwaves with the SATop 10  
10am - 1pm
  A lot of radio stations have Top 30’s, even Top 40’s. They gooi any crappy song in there that “other” people tell them are cool. Ask yourself this though… how cool can a chart be when the number one position is held by Justin Bieber?

We don’t go to the local “plate winkel” and see which sokkie treffers are in the bargain bin and chuck that onto our chart, no. At Tuks FM we take the best songs in the world, throw them into the sound hole of an old Ibanez. We then add a dash of chili sauce, vinegar, baking soda, a grey chest hair and a bottle of Mexican wrestler oil. Then the songs battle it ‘out’. The first one out gets the number 1 position! Last one out gets banished from the chart. Then the next week, we pull out another chest hair, and do it again!
  If you have an old soul stuck in a 20-something’s body Tuks FM gives you a chance to show your true colours every Sunday between 12pm and 14pm. Our retro playlist is even better than your Oupa’s. We take you back in time when sex, drugs and Rock ‘n Roll were the motto to live by. Cleaning your house, doing some work or even just chilling out, have never been this classic before.
at 7pm
  Don’t you love how all radio stations give you the chance to hear what you want to hear? WHAT!? The radio station you listen to DOESN’T do this? WE DO. You request it, we play it. Twelve times a day, every day, for 15 minutes. Then we look to see what you chose and make a chart of your favourites. Imagine getting 10 presents for your birthday, and loving all of them.

The Most Wanted Top 10 happens every Friday night at 7pm, and counts down your most requested songs from Total Radio Takeover during the week.
at 7pm
  Take one bucket of pure testosterone drained from the calf of a Blue Wildebeest. Then let a lion drink it, ride with the lion on horseback, with no saddle, for 14 kilometers. After the journey, wipe down the horse, and wring out the lion into a potjie pot. Not a number 3 or 5 a big one. Rig explosives around the pot and get a grizzly bear to ignite it by shooting it with an M16 rifle. Then, with your bare hands scoop the resulting boiling goo on the ground into the drum of a big braai. Pile drive a shark dressed as Clint Eastwood onto the braai. Let it cook for 30 minutes, and eat the whole shark. Then present the Man Cave. A 30-minute show Thursday nights at 7pm with game reviews, movie reviews, and music reviews, man cards and other manly things. Man, it’s good. Tune in boet!
  When society thinks of girls, thoughts of pink, flowers and shoes comes to mind. When Tuks FM thinks about girls, all they can see is a group of girls who can rock out harder than all the boys. Alt Le Femme is a female based show, that talks about all the pressing matters that everybody thinks about but nobody wants to talk about. The female presenters leave no stone unturned on this show. If you think you can be a part of the most alternative group of girls in town, tune in every Tuesday at 7PM to join the alternative community.
7pm - 10pm
  Friday nights you get to take over Tuks FM. Instead of having a “tjop” in a club play you what he wants to hear. You can put a tjop on the braai, and hear what you want. The Show kicks off with the Most Wanted Top 10 from the last week, and the rest, is up to you. Request your song on a Friday night by SMSing it to 34996 (R2/sms). Too many songs to choose from? Request them all! Start your weekend the way you want to with All Request Friday.
On the
drive at 16:45
  This little insert on the drive show is aimed at the guys who will all be very rich someday and date supermodels. So, we’d like to bring you all the news and info you need to become the next super geek. The best gadgets, the coolest games, the most awesome stories of science, mutants, zombie attacks and inter planetary missions, that any future fortune 500 owner needs to know. Nerds unite!
  Every week our music department goes the extra mile to find the top 30 songs to ensure maximum entertainment for our fans. There is no recipe for finding these songs; It is simply the most popular songs on Tuks FM that will make it to the top of the chart. Bands all around the world take part in battle each week, and there can only be one winner. Tune in every Saturday between 10am and 1pm to be a part of this epic, unpredictable battle.