Rocktober 2012

Rocktober kicked off on Monday the first of Rocktober with a search for the greatest band in the world. We went searching for top acts from all over the world, and let them battle it out for the honours of representing their country. This year we decided to get listeners in on the action and get them to vote for their favourite band everyday. This is how it went down.
Monday 1 Rocktober
We kicked off with Canada. With big bands from one of the biggest countries in the world, we knew competition would be stiff. Who was going to take it? The giants of rock Nickelback? Sum 41 with their punk vibes? Simple Plan maybe? Or even other favourites like Three Days Grace or Our Lady Peace? Well, we were quite surprised at how voting went, as Billy Talent rose to the top to claim representation of Canada.

Thursday 4 Rocktober
The rest of the UK, plus Ireland minus England. We decided to chuck Ireland in there, as they’re pretty much as UK as they come. Also, UK+Ireland-England, sounded like an interesting math problem. What followed was a battle between Snow Patrol, Bullet For My Valentine, Franz Ferdinand and Van Morrison. Besides Doloris from the Cranberries being easy on the eye, you could say that these guys are lucky their art is heard more often than seen. Out of the “unfortunate looking bunch” one band did rise. Now, their front man might possibly be an ugo too, but we wouldn’t know it, as he wears sunglasses all the time. Representers of Ireland as voted for by our listeners, U2.

Tuesday 9 Rocktober
We went down under. Even though they have “stars” like Kylie, Midnight Oil and those guys who made suggestive grunts in that strawberry lips song from the nineties, we went searching for some rock talent. INXS, Jet, Airbourne, Silverchair, The Vines and Wolfmother put up fair fights, but were no match for a band featuring two Scottish brothers. Representatives of Australia, AC/DC!

Friday 12 Rocktober
SA leg 2. The final twelve way battle for Rocktober was fought between some more of SA music’s giants like Prime Circle, the Springbok Nude Girls, the Parlotones, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Kongos. This time however, we think Pretoria fans might have swayed the vote with some capital pride as one of our own Pretoria “born and bred” bands took leg 2 to represent the North of the country. We knew then that the fight for SA would be a big one, with the most votes in leg 2 going to, The Narrow.

Monday 15 Rocktober
Monday was the battle for the US, or as we called it Grohl vs. Grohl, as Nirvana went up against the Foo Fighters. Only a hand full of votes separated the two, and after a last few votes the winners and representatives of the US were announced as, the Foo Fighters

Thursday 18 Rocktober
Thursday was a bit tricky, and again a bit unmatched. We decided to put two common wealth nations up against each other. The nations being Australia and Canada. Fair right? Nope. Poor Billy Talent did not stand a chance against the balls to the wall rock on roll of the representatives of Australia, AC/DC.
Tuesday 2 Rocktober
Was the first leg of bands from England. Since the talent from her majesty’s main hang out was so big, we decided to split the voting to two days, so we could at least represent 24 pommy bands. As expected the first leg was as close as Liverpool is to being called a football team these days. A battle between the brothers of Oasis, the old geezers of Sabbath and the trio of terrifically talented tunage, Muse, broke out. Even electro giants The Prodigy entered the ring of bare-fist brawling. But, quietly and with much sophistication, the words “If there’s a bustle in your hedgegrow” struck all the right chords with our voting audience, and Led Zeppelin were victorious.

Friday 5 Rocktober
Another day of tricky math, and geography pop quizzing. Europe-(UK + Ireland) + (trans-continental countries). Yes, those bands who will release an album, and not be able to do one radio interview afterwards as their English is probably sh…ocking. Finnish band HIM did quite well against rivals from Sweden (The Hives) and Iceland (Of Monsters and Men), but couldn’t be prepared for the power of Germany. They’ve been in two world wars, and their accents make them sound like their always angry, yet our listeners love their music. Even if it’s pretty much all in German. Representatives of Europe (and by default, Germany) Rammstein!

Wednesday 10 Rocktober
England Leg 2. We were almost burnt at the stake for excluding “some of the best bands in the world” by our listeners, and they were glad to know England “Leg 2” was up our sleeves all along. A tough battle again between the likes of musical geniuses including Queen, Iron Maiden, The Rolling Stones, Blur, Placebo, The Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd. They were all outvoted though, just as they are all outsold by this legs winner. The best selling band in the world, The Beatles.

Tuesday 16 Rocktober
Tuesday saw the battle of North vs. South in SA. Fokofpolisiekar from Belville and The Narrow from Pretoria. The tension was as thick as at a currie cup final between the Bulls and Province. Pretoria had home ground advantage though, and with a win of only 7 votes the representative for SA was chosen. The Narrow.

Friday 19 Rocktober
Friday was the last elimination battle. And we left a big one for last. How does one choose between the magnitude of hits provided by Liverpudlian sweethearts The Beatles, and the magnitude of guitar solos of the capital city’s Led Zeppelin. It was a tough battle, but to quote one of the votes we received… “When Led Zeppelin is a choice in any question, always choose Led Zeppelin.”
Wednesday 3 Rocktober
USA, leg 1. As is the case with England, there are just too many bands from the US to narrow it down to the top 12, so again we split them up. Round one saw things get rowdy between the likes of Green Day, The White Stripes and Blink 182. But how do you choose in a category which also features Kings of Leon, the Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Metallica. Well, you choose Foo Fighters, it would seem. The Foo, narrowly beat their 11 adversaries to become the first band with a chance to represent the USA.

Monday 8 Rocktober
Time to go local. We knew this one would be tough. Not only are there hardcore local music fans in Pretoria, but also, some of the bands family members and friends. We were hoping it wouldn’t turn into Idols, but luckily, judging by the high standard of the music, it didn’t. Huge local bands (some of them from the overseas, like Seether) battled it out. Shadowclub, aKing, Just Jinjer, Zebra & Giraffe and Cutting Jade were all neck and neck. For second place. Yep, they were no match for fokofpolisiekar, who won with over 40% of the votes.

Thursday 11 Rocktober
USA leg 2. The yanks still had a lot of fight left, and plenty of bullets. And this fight, was tight. Despite brave duels between Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, the Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring and Marilyn Manson, two bands were tied at the end of the day. We went to a tie breaker, and Guns and Roses only just lost out to another one of Mr. Grohl’s bands, Nirvana.

Monday 15 Rocktober to Friday 19 Rocktober was elimination week! It was time to narrow our pool of winners down from 10, to 5. And see who were the worthy contenders of their respective countries or territories.

Wednesday 17 Rocktober
Wednesday was a European affair with Germany facing off against Ireland. Now, if it were a beer-drinking contest, the contest might have been a little tighter between the Bavarians and the Guinness gulpers. Sadly for the Irish, it wasn’t, and they were trashed by the Germans with over 75% of our listeners’ votes. Representatives of Germany and the whole of Europe (minus England remember), Rammstein.
Final week
This brought us to our final week. We’ve found the top 5 bands in the world. Our listeners had their say, and it was only their say that counted. Not how many albums you’ve sold, (which is over 50 albums selling more than 500 million copies by these bands by the way), or how many youtube videos your latest hit song featuring Nicki Minaj has. No. It’s all about the rock. And we found the 5 best bands worthy of being called the best bands in the world. AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Narrow and Rammstein were voted as our listeners’ top 5. And then, we’ll narrow it down… to one.