Tuks FM Broadcasts Live From The CSIR

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) hosted the sixth Emerging Researchers Symposium (ERS) from 28 to 29 June 2018. The event was hosted under the theme “Igniting the next generation for industrial development”.

Tuks FM broadcasted live from the CSIR International Convention Centre on 29 June. Live interviews were conducted with young scientists, engineers and technologists about the importance of educating the youth on industrial research and development in South Africa.

“It’s the first time a campus radio station has done a live broadcast from the annual symposium,” says CSIR Media Practitioner Kgauhelo Dioka. “All the interviewees were very impressed with how the team presented itself,” she smiles.

The aim of the annual symposium is to showcase the research advancements that benefit industrial development including acid mine drainage treatments, traditional medicinal plants in the treatment of HIV, cybersecurity and many more.

Presenters Oarabile Diphoko and Chay Donne Hassett were particularly intrigued by the biorefinery stall which showcased the use of chicken feathers in manufacturing disposable diapers, paper and even dry walls and ceiling boards.

“The CSIR organises this event each year to encourage knowledge sharing and to highlight the impact of their research through exhibitions, verbal and poster presentations,” stated Dioka.

For more information on Tuks FM email info@tuksfm.co.za or for more information on the CSIR contact Kgauhelo Dioka at kdioka@csir.co.za.

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